WANG Jianan

王佳男:现任中国歌剧舞剧院首席打击乐。PAS(中国)打击乐艺术协会理事。毕业于中国音乐学院器乐系打击乐专业. 作为一名职业演奏家,积极参与国内外各大艺术节。多次出访美洲,欧洲,澳洲,非洲,亚洲等二十余个国家,举办各种形式音乐会,深受广大国内外观众与同行们的喜爱与高度赞誉。

2008年应邀参加北京奥运会闭幕式 表演。



Jianan Wang, Chief percussionist of China’s National Opera & Drama Theater. Council member of PAS China. Graduated from China Conservatory of Music, as a professional percussionist, Wang has actively participated and performed in major arts festivals both at home and abroad. He has visited more than twenty countries around the world, and has held various types of concert, which were highly appreciated and praised by the audiences and colleagues both domestic and international.

Jianan Wang was invited to and performed at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. As the percussion art director, Wang also participated in “The People’s Republic of China 60 Years National Day ceremony” in 2009. As a well-known percussionist, Wang performed the percussion solo part at the G20 Summit Opening Ceremony in Hangzhou in 20