JIAO Shanlin


Shanlin Jiao, a well-known percussionist, educator, art director of Gufeng Percussion Ensemblechairman of PAS China, and art director of PAS China. Graduate tutor of China Conservatory of Music. As an educator, Jiao has a number of students who are pursuing further studies for post-graduate or PhD degrees at the world’s most prestigious and reputable institutions and music schools, such as Curtis, Julia Academy of Music, Munich Academy of Music, etc. As a percussionist, Jiao has performed, held concerts and master classes in over thirty countries, like the United States of America, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, and so on. Jiao is also a performer of the celebrated Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra. Jiao has actively explored differences in percussion and other musical instruments; he plays an important role in promoting the development of percussion music both at home and abroad.

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